Children are becoming victims of phone addiction, it is having a bad effect on mental health. Children are becoming victims of phone addiction, bad effect on mental health


Children are becoming victims of phone addiction, bad effect on mental health

Children are spending hours on the phone

For the last one and a half years, children have used mobile a lot due to being at home. Whether online classes or playing games for fun. Children have spent most of their time on mobile. Due to this he has become a victim of phone addiction. Children have got used to searching something or the other on the internet for many hours, watching movies and pictures. He doesn’t want to be away from the phone even for a while. According to psychiatry experts, it is a mental problem. Which requires timely treatment.

Professor Dr RP Beniwal at the Center for Excellence in Mental Health, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi, told that there was a long lockdown during the Corona period. Children were in homes and their studies were being done online. Many children even got their personal phones. This happened that apart from studies, children also started using phones for entertainment. He started spending time playing Facebook, watching videos and playing games on mobile. He got addicted to these things that he is not able to come out of it now. This is affecting their mental health.

Four to five cases coming daily

Doctor Beniwal told that four to five children are coming daily to the OPD of the Mental Health Center of the hospital who have got phone addiction. Most of them are in the age group of 13 to 18 years. Children are being treated with the help of psychiatrists. The doctor said that before Corona such cases were very less, but now this number has increased.

Will also affect physical health

The doctor told that the effect of phone addiction will also be on the physical health of the children. Its effect will be visible after some time. Children may also have to face neck pain and eye problems due to spending more time on the phone.

need to take care of children

Senior psychiatry specialist Dr Rajkumar says that phone addiction has become a serious problem among children. If parents do not pay attention to their children, then their mental health can deteriorate. Due to which they may have to face many problems.

take care like this

According to Dr. Beniwal, parents should include maximum children in indoor games and play with them themselves. Games like Ludo, Carrom etc. can be played in these. When children study online and finish their work, do not let them be busy with mobile or laptop for a long time.

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