Happy Mothers Day 2021 Mother India To Mom These 5 Bollywood Movies Must Watch With Your On Mothers Day


New Delhi Mothers Day 2021: Mother’s Day is a day that every child wants to make special for their mother. Even so, why is there no one more than this mother and special in this whole work. Therefore the mother is given the status of God. The role of the mother in everyone’s life is most unique and different. On Mother’s Day, children do not miss any opportunity to make their mother feel special.

If the mother remains devoted to you for the whole year, then on this one day it is also your duty to do something for them which she will always remember and make special experiences for herself. If you want to make this day special, then you can enjoy these films by sitting at home with your mother in lockdown. We are going to tell you about 5 such Bollywood films which show the form of mother who fights for her child from all over the world. So let’s know about those films …

Mother India

Nargis Dutt and Sunil Dutt starrer film ‘Mother India’ which was released in the year 1957 is one of the favorite movies even today. In this, the mother’s character is shown as strong as it has been seen in any other film. The story of the film ‘Mother India’ was the story of a mother whose husband raises her children with great struggle after her death.

English Vinglish

English Vinglish, the film of the late actress Sridevi, released in 2012, is still very much liked by the people. This film is dedicated to every Indian woman who is skilled in everything but lags behind not speaking English. It is shown in this film that Sridevi is seen with inferiority in her own house due to lack of English. Through this film, Sridevi has tried to tell that if a woman is determined then she will do everything she wants to do with the responsibility of the family.


In the film ‘Mom’ released in the year 2017, Sridevi was seen in an important role. Nawazuddin Siddique was in the lead role in this film. In the film, the life of a girl named Arya changes when some boys of her school commit rape. After this, his step mother i.e. Sridevi seeks the help of a detective to teach him a lesson.


Karisma Kapoor has played an important role in this film. Its story is of a mother whose husband dies and her in-laws wanted to snatch her child. Seeing each scene of this film will make your hair stand up. Nana Patekar and Shah Rukh Khan also played the lead roles in the film.

What to say

Actress Preity Zinta’s film Kya Kehna was one of her best films. In this film, Preity becomes pregnant with her boyfriend before marriage but her boyfriend refuses to adopt her. After this, even his own family does not accept him. But despite all this, she keeps her baby in the womb and gives birth to it.

Indian T20 League

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