Raj Babbar and Smita Patil Love Story Begin with Film Bheegi Palkein


Actress Smita Patil was one such personality whose work always inspired people. She did many great films and her magic was such that she used to make everyone her own. His simplicity was his biggest jewel and the same thing appealed to Raj Babbar, the best actor of the 80s.

Raj Babbar and Smita Patil worked together in many films. The two met on the set of a film. During this, Raj Babbar liked Smita Patil’s simplicity, his alphas so much that he gave Smita a place in his heart. This also created a problem, as Raj was already married.

Raj was helpless in the hands of the heart and what would he do? He listened to his heart and took Smita’s hand by fighting all the time. Like the films, both have a love story. Let us tell you today about the love story of both of them.

How Raj and Smita Patil met

how raj babbar and smita patil met

Raj Babbar’s first meeting with Smita Patil was on the sets of the 1982 film ‘Bheegi Palken’. Both of them spent some time laughing and joking and there was some quarrel. Raj Babbar himself had told in an interview, “At that time the shooting of this film was going on in Rourkela, Odisha. Our conversation started with a tussle, but it was a sweet quarrel, which formed the basis of our relationship. He liked her simplicity and what she liked best was Smita’s alphas.

Raj Babbar’s pre-marriage became a hindrance

raj babbar and nadira babbar

Raj Babbar was already married, he married Nadira and had two children. But he liked Smita so much that he could not understand anything. Both loved each other and wanted to marry each other. Meanwhile, many people named Smita as the woman who broke the house. But Raj had told that Smita was never the reason for the tension between Nadira and them.

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In an interview published in BollywoodShaadi, Raj had said, ‘There was never any problem between me and Nadira because of my relationship with Smita. It all just happened by itself. Nadira was very mature and could understand my feelings and Juhi (Raj and Nadira Babbar’s elder daughter) always loved being with Smita.

Many lives were based on one marriage

raj babbar nadira and smita patil

The closeness of Raj Babbar and Smita Patil shook the lives of Raj, Smita and Nadira. Nadira came to know about her husband’s infidelity through gossip and tabloids. When she herself spoke to Raj about this, her biggest fear came true and she was shattered.

According to the news published in BollywoodShaadi, for Nadira now her work and children were everything. His work and children inspired him to move forward in life. He had revealed in a 2013 interview, ‘The theater and my kids helped me handle myself. I had become protective of my children more towards Arya who was very young.’

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together for a while and then a long separation

smita and raj love story

Raj got married to Smita without divorcing Nadira (these Bollywood celebs did second marriage without divorcing their first wife). After that in the year 1986, Smita gave birth to Prateik Babbar, but she had some complications at the time of Prateik’s birth. After battling for 2 weeks, Smita and Raj are separated from each other forever. Smita had said goodbye to the world leaving Prateeko and Raj Babbar behind.

Raj was completely broken by the death of Smita. He had said in an old interview, Smita left me forever. I was shocked by his death. But I didn’t want my problems to affect the lives of those who trusted me. I was immersed in my work, but it took time for the wounds to heal.

The story of Smita and Raj ended with a tragedy. Shortly thereafter, Nadira and Raj reunite. Although people thought that Nadira would not accept Raj. But the opposite happened, the reason for this was also told by Nadira in an interview, I was mocked for going to her house… She had her own dreams and desires. It’s a pity she couldn’t live them. The sorrow of his passing became greater than any other sorrow. It broke everyone. I have forgiven everyone. I have no ill-will towards anyone.”

Something like this was the love story of Raj and Smita, who united after fighting since ages, but luck had a different choice. Together they also parted.

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