Sudden marriage to Roja serial hero Sibu Suryan?

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Although various Tamil TV channels broadcast a lot of entertainment programs, the serials have always been the mainstay of the iconic fans. Sun TV, the leading channel in that category, has been airing countless serials from Monday to Saturday. Roja is aired successfully as a popular serial. The Rose serial has received an overwhelming response that is not available for any other serial aired on the channel.

Thus Sun TV’s DRP rating is at its peak in prime time for this serial airing. Sibu Suryan, a Bangalore – based actor, plays the character of Arjun as the hero in the serial, which is currently airing over 900 episodes. Priyanka Nalkar from Visakhapatnam plays the heroine in the rose character.

Apart from these, Venkat Ranganathan, Shamili Sukumar, Gayatri Shastri (Kalpana character), Vadivukkarasi, Siva, Rajesh and many others are starring in the Roja serial. However, actor Sibu Suryan and actress Priyanka Nalkar have a lot of fans.

Actor Sibu Suryan, who has become popular among Tamil fans all over the world through his Sun TV serial, said in an interview a few months back that he is currently playing the role of a politician in the Kannada film Shakuntala and has no intention of starring in any other serials if the Roja serial is completed as he is no longer focused on OTT and cinema. Logo fans were shocked by his interview. Meanwhile another shock news for his fans has come through social media.

A recent post shared on the fan insta page of featured a photo of actor Sibu Suryan and an unnamed woman with the caption “Congratulations Arjun, @sibbu_suryan brother, happy married life and live together for a lifetime”.

The information in the post that actor Sibu Suryan is married to the woman seen in the photo has caused suspicion and confusion among his fans as to whether Sibu Suryan is suddenly married.

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But Sibu Suryan, who is active on Instagram, even a few hours ago posted a post saying, “Never say no one likes me. Always say there is no one like me.” Is it true that the information that his ardent fans are married to you under it? That is being questioned with shock. But it is noteworthy that so far he has not given any reply.

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