The director of ‘Ghulam’ married secretly at the age of 52, 23 years ago because of this the first wife gave divorce



Mumbai, First Published Oct 6, 2021, 7:26 PM IST

Mumbai. Vikram Bhatt, director of Aamir Khan’s film ‘Ghulam’, released 23 years ago in 1998, has got married at the age of 52. According to reports, Vikram got married in 2020 itself, but for a year, he kept the details of his marriage a secret. Only people very close to Vikram Bhatt knew about marriage. Let us tell you that Vikram Bhatt had secretly married Shwetambari Soni last year. On Wednesday, on the second birthday of his wife, he shared a post wishing Shwetambari.

Ghulam film director Vikram Bhatt gets married at age of 52 years

Vikram Bhatt wrote in his post – You have completely changed me and you have told me what life is all about. You are the only one who stole my heart. I want to do all that I can just to show you. Happy birthday my love. Let us tell you that Shwetambari is associated with Trinity Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Let us tell you that Vikram Bhatt had directed Hina Khan’s film ‘Hacked’. This film was released in 2020. However, the film did not get much response. Mahesh Bhatt has also reacted on Vikram Bhatt’s Secret Wedding. Mahesh Bhatt told in an interview that Vikram got married in the month of September last year, when the lockdown was in place. He called me and said boss I am going to get married.

Ghulam film director Vikram Bhatt gets married at age of 52 years

According to Mahesh Bhatt, Vikram told me that there is a restriction on the number of people invited for the wedding and keeping in mind your health related issue at the time of Kovid, I will not pressurize you that you must attend the wedding. All I would like to say is that we want to keep it a secret. To this I said – Vikram, you are like a cat, drinking milk and sitting with your eyes closed, thinking that no one is watching. This is an era of aggressive media and this marriage cannot remain a secret for long.

Ghulam film director Vikram Bhatt gets married at age of 52 years

His first marriage was with:
Let us tell you that Vikram Bhatt’s first marriage was with his childhood friend Aditi. Both of them had decided to get married after dating for a long time. After two years of marriage, the couple welcomed the little angel to their home. Vikram Bhatt and Aditi named their daughter Krishna, who is now a film director. It is said that during the film ‘Dastak’ there were reports of affair between Vikram Bhatt and Sushmita Sen, after which Aditi got divorced from Vikram Bhatt in 1998.

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