The famous Sun TV serial that has passed 200 episodes .. The actor thanked the fans on Instagram!


The popular TV series “Like the Sky” aired on Sun TV on December 7, 2020 and has successfully crossed 200 episodes. The serial crew has cut the cake to celebrate this success. Artists and technicians who have starred in the series are celebrating this success. Serial actor Tilak has posted a video on his Instagram. In it, the serial crew cut cakes like the sky. Also present at the celebration were actors Tilak, Maunika, Swetha Kelke, Daman and other team members.

Apart from this, actor Tilak also thanked the fans for releasing some photos taken from the set. In it, he said, “Serial 200th episode celebration like the sky. Thank you for your support. There will be an hour-long special episode coming up next Sunday. Don’t forget to watch from 2pm to 3pm … there are still a lot of twists. Continue to give your support (sic)” Mentioned.

The show stars Tilak as Tulsi, Swetha Kelke as Tulsi, Daman Kumar as Sinrasu, Thebjani Modak as Sandhya, Rajapandi Thuraisamy as Karthi, Darish Jayaseelan as Vishwa, Mahanadi Shankar as Sankara Pandi and many more. The Tulsi-Sinrasu characters of this serial have captured the minds of Tamil iconic fans. Daman Kumar, who plays the role of Sinrasu, is now more popular than ever in cinema. He first appeared on the silver screen in 2011 in the film Stairway.

But the film was never released. SA Chandrasekhar then starred as the hero in a darkroom film directed by Law. The film was well received by the fans. After that he acted in some films like Summa Nachsunu Iruku, Thottal Thotarum, Sethu Bhoomi, Puyala Kilambi Varom, Chapter 6, Nethra. Currently, Kanmani has finished acting in Baba and Yazhi. Tamankumar has also acted in some telefilms. Entered the iconic screen after starring in several films.

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