The shooting of the first film begins on the space station


For the first time in the world, film shooting is set to begin on the International Space Station. The flight took off from the Bekonur Russian Spacecraft Launch Center in Kazakhstan at 1.55 pm. Antonu Shakapleros, who has traveled to space three times with these two, is an experienced traveler.

Yulia and Shipenko will shoot a scene from the new film ‘Challenge’ on the space station. It is understood that the depiction will take place in the Russian part of the space station. Yulia is playing the role of a doctor in this film. This is the scene where she comes here to save the life of a crew member who is battling a heart attack on the space station. It is understood that Yulia and Tim will return to Earth after a gap of 12 days.

Yulia says that the training required for this was very tough. It involved both mental and physical stress. Director Shipenko is known as a director who has given many blockbuster films. The film stars Rosscosmos astronaut Oleg Novitsi as a patient with a heart condition and the captain of Soyuz, who returns to Earth on October 17.

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