Indefinite pause of the anime and manga section of El Palomitrón

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A little over four years ago, the members who founded El Palomitrón accepted the proposal we had about opening an anime and manga section on their website. After that, and after considering how to carry out the day-to-day life of this section, we began a journey that, although it costs us a lot to say, has come to an end.

A trip that, from day one, we have been able to make with total autonomy and freedom thanks to the space provided by the administrators of El Palomitrón. As in all crossings, not always everything has gone the first time nor has everything worked perfectly, but thanks to the support of our colleagues and daily contact, we have been able to overcome each obstacle making El Palomitrón a unique space in which to find content of all kinds. Specialized content that, to this day, travels from Spain to Japan.

It was in July of this year when, for personal reasons of the founders, administrators and editors of El Palomitrón Anime, we ceased our activity on Twitter. An activity that we thought we would resume this October, thus starting the fall season but which, in the end, has not been the case. We continue under the same personal situation and even more increased, therefore, and because we cannot continue to offer our content in the same way, all the members of El Palomitrón Anime have decided, with great pain in the chest, to cease this project.

It has been difficult for us to make this decision, but our maxim has always been to maintain a daily relationship with you and work under certain quality standards in our content. Therefore, since we do not have the time and resources necessary to continue under this line of work, we believe that this is the best decision – although the march hurts us more than it does you, believe us. For now, we do not know if the section will be active again at some point, but if so, we would not be in charge of it.

We want to warmly thank you for the support you have provided throughout this time, consolidating ourselves as one of the most important national and Ibero-American media, adding hundreds of thousands of monthly visits and being a reference space within the sector. A very special space from which various projects have also derived from which we are really proud.

It has been a pleasure to share our opinion with all of you and to be part of a sector that has not stopped growing since we started our journey in it. We hope that this growth will continue over time and continue to offer pleasant moments and experiences.

Thank you very much for your time, attention and dedication to our space.

Sincerely, Edu and Marisol.

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