Yuswendra Chahal’s father is in critical condition due to corona, Dhanshree Verma’s aunt dies


Yuzvendra Chahal’s father hospitalized, Dhanshree Verma’s aunt dies (Photo- Dhanashree Verma Instagram)

Recently, Team India’s cricketers Piyush Chawla and RP Singh have lost their father, now the father of leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is also in critical condition.

New Delhi. Corona virus has caused havoc across the country and the family of star players is not untouched by this. Recently, Team India’s former cricketer RP Singh and leg-spinner Piyush Chawla lost their father due to Corona and now Yuzvendra Chahal’s father is also very serious due to Corona. Yuswendra Chahal’s wife Dhanshree Verma (Dhanshree Verma) informed the fans on social media. Dhanashree Verma told that her father-in-law KK Chahal has developed a corona and has been admitted to the hospital. Chahal’s father is in critical condition. Things are very bad in the hospital – Dhanshree Dhanashree wrote, ‘My in-laws have been found infected with the corona virus. Father in law is hospitalized and mother in law is being looked after at home. I was in the hospital and everything I saw there was very bad. You guys stay at home and take care of your family.

Dhanashree Verma spoke on Instagram story

Dhanashree gave information in his post that he also lost his aunt due to Corona. Dhanashree wrote, ‘The month of April-May has been difficult and challenging. At first my mother and brother were infected with Corona. When she got corona, I was in the IPL bio-bubble and could not help her. But from time to time, I was getting information about their situation. It is very difficult to stay away from family. It is good that both have recovered but I lost my aunt. IPL 2021: Gavaskar furious over his dealings with David Warner, said – Why doesn’t it happen to coaches?
Dhanashree appealed to the people to help the needy. He also said that people should follow the safety instructions and thank God for those who are right. Dhanashree said that everyone will have to fight together against Corona


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