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During a football match in Brazil, the football referee urinates openly on the field. He did this work stealthily, secretly.

Watch: Football referee looked right, looked left, then secretly urinated on the field, the camera caught the action

The camera caught the football referee’s deed

Many incidents have been seen on the football field before. But, believe me, you may not have seen it. In football matches, there have been clashes, beatings, bloodshed. But this will be the first time that someone has been captured on camera urinating on the field. And, he is also a player but also a football referee. This means that only those who take care of the rules and regulations of the game are seen openly tearing it apart.

Majra is a local match played in Brazil. The match was played last Thursday between two teams named Bovista and Goyes. This incident happened at the same time when the commentators were meeting the football referee with the lines man during this match. However, the football referee did his job so neatly that even the commentators could not catch him then.

The football referee started urinating openly on the field

In the video you can see how the football referee urinates openly in the middle of the field and no one even notices it. He looks first to the right and then to the left. He then secretly urinates on the field.

What does the second angle of the camera say?

There is another angle of the camera in the video, in which he loosens his shorts after urinating. This angle of the video shows that he urinated right where the match ball was placed. Not only that, wet spots are also visible on his shorts.

The action captured on camera is now viral

Meanwhile, commentators introduce him to the linesman. So he shakes hands with them with his dirty hands. The referee feels that no one noticed his actions. But, the truth is that this movement of his secretly is caught by the camera. These videos of football referees urinating are now going viral on social media.

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