5 Wrestling veterans who have appeared in the WWE and AEW


WWE and AEW are currently forking each other. Many wrestlers from WWE’s company have joined hands with the new wrestling company AEW. However WWE has also shown the way out to some of its big stars. Most of the wrestlers fired from the WWE, officials have become part of the AEW.

There are also some names whose work and stature were quite large in the WWE. He can say about AEW that he is giving a good platform to all WWE wrestlers so that they can show their wrestling skills. This list also includes veterans and young wrestlers. AEW is moving fast and many wrestlers are willing to be part of this new wrestling company instead of WWE.

There is no doubt that WWE is one of the biggest wrestling companies right now. However AEW is also challenging him step by step. AEW has made a big name in a few years. There are also some wrestlers and veterans who have both been part of the company and have done a good job. Let me tell you that many WWE wrestlers were not happy with their work with Vince, which is why they have joined hands with AEW. Let us tell you about the five giants who have knocked in both the companies.

5- Former WWE Champion Jazz

Jazz was immediately selected for WWE after debuting in ECW. Her first title run during this time was for the Women’s Championship. He made a name for himself in the WWE. He also wrestled in the NWA and took part in the AEW in 2019. Jazz had participated in Aino’s All Out Casino Battle Royale but was eliminated by OBD.

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