drew mcintyre reveals his biggest money match in wwe “my match with roman rens will rain money in wwe”


WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre is now part of the Blue brand. McIntyre is now completely behind the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. McIntyre has said that he will become the Universal Champion by defeating Roman Reyns. In an interview with DAZN, this time McIntyre has once again sharply attacked Roman Reyns. McIntyre was asked here about his match in terms of business in the future. McIntyre named the Roman Reigns here.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Rance Challenged

McIntyre has said that he will leave Roman Reigns behind and establish his supremacy in the Blue brand. McIntyre also made a big statement about the match which is the most profitable in terms of business. He said,

Personally and professionally, the biggest money match will be with my Roman Reigns. This match will rain money on WWE. Roman Reigns is at the top at the moment. He has done tremendous work for the last one year. They are working on different levels. His character in the ring is also quite brilliant at this time. I want to reach the level of Roman Reigns. Also want to bring down the Roman Reigns. I am quite excited for the match in the future with Roman Reyns.

The Crown Jewel PPV will be held on October 21 in Saudi Arabia. There will be a tremendous match between Big E and McIntyre here for the WWE Championship. McIntyre challenged the Big E in the Red brand this week. Big E also accepted this challenge. WWE later made the match official.

The rivalry between McIntyre and Roman Reigns now everyone wants to see in the Blue brand. Last year there was a champion VS champion match between them. In this match, the condition of Roman Reyns was worsened by McIntyre. In the end, however, Roman Reigns won. This match was very spectacular. Once again fans want to see a match like this.


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