Top 10 WWE Raw Movies You Must See


The last episode of WWE Raw was quite good. In this episode WWE hosted some great matches and segments. Along with this, some superstars were also drafted. There were many moments in the episode of Raw that caught everyone’s attention. WWE recently posted a video detailing some of Raw’s highlights. So in this article we are going to talk about the 10 best and special moments of Raw episode.

The 10 most explosive and special moments of WWE Raw

– Shaina Bazler defeated Dana Brook in Raw. After this match, Bazler tried to hurt Brooke by putting his hand in the steel steps. However, Dudrop entered and rescued Brooke. Bezler tried to attack Dudrop but he had no effect.

– In the backstage segment, the superstars made plans to snatch the title from the 24/7 champion Reggie. Reggie, however, performed several spectacular high-flying moves and escaped.

– Kevin Owens was drafted in Raw. He came in the ring and tried to cut the promo but Akira Tojawa came there. Owens put a stunner on him.

– Damien Priest retained the United States Championship by defeating Jeff Hardy. After this match, Austin Theory came and took a picture with Hardy and complimented him. However, he later shocked everyone by attacking this veteran.

– The New Day beat Hert Business’s Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander in a banging tag team match. Javier Woods performed quite well in the match. He later celebrated with Street Profits.

– Randy Orton attacked AJ Styles in Raw. Riddle targeted Omos but he did not succeed. Omos tried to attack Orton but he escaped. He then shocked everyone by putting RKO on Styles.

– Drew McIntyre wins a tag team match by kicking Dolph Ziegler. After the match, his teammate Big E put his finisher on Robert Rudd.

– Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley defeated Natalia and Tamina to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

– Goldberg and Bobby Lashley’s segment was seen. Meanwhile, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin came from behind and attacked Goldberg but they did not succeed. The veteran made the condition of both of them worse.

– There was a match between Charlotte Flair and Bianca Blair. At the end of the match Becky Lynch attacked Blair and this ended the match by DQ. Later, Sasha Banks came from behind and attacked Becky and made her and her condition worse.

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