Before Crown Jewel 2021, Bobby Lashley made a dangerous threat to WWE legend Goldberg, citing his defeat.

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 PPV will have a tremendous No Holds Bird match between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley. The rivalry of Lashley and Goldberg has been well built so far. The two will face off in Saudi Arabia on October 21. Bobby Lashley has previously given a huge response on Twitter about Goldberg. Bobby Lashley … Read more

WWE legend Goldberg’s overwhelming response to questions about India surprised everyone

WWE legend Goldberg recently appeared on WWE’s special show ‘School of Superstars’. During this time, Anchor Gillian had asked Goldberg about things related to India and Goldberg was surprised by giving correct answers to most of the questions. Explain, Goldberg was given 4 options every time a question was asked and he had to choose … Read more

WWE legend Goldberg gives big update on his injury before the dangerous match at Crown Jewel

WWE legend Goldberg is set to face Bobby Lashley in the Crown Jewel PPV. It will be a No Holds Bard bout and everyone’s eye is on the bout, but Goldberg has given an important update on his injury before the dangerous bout. Goldberg and Bobby Lashley competed for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam this … Read more

5 Ways To End Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley’s No Holds Bird Match

WWE has announced a number of great matches for Crown Jewel PPV. The event will feature some spectacular championship matches as well as singles matches. The Crown Jewel will feature a No Holds Bird match between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley. Everyone is looking very excited for this match. The match between the two giants took … Read more

The promo given by Bobby Lashley on Raw this week has been the subject of controversy, with strong allegations made by the WWE veteran.

Bobby Lashley’s rivalry with Goldberg is currently underway in the WWE. Bobby Lashley gave a promo about Goldberg in Red Brand this week. The biggest thing is that Bobby Lashley compared Goldberg to a rabid dog. WWE veteran Vince Russo did not like this promo at all. Vince Russo also questioned Bobby Lashley’s booking. Goldberg … Read more

“WWE legend Goldberg is a great man and it was very easy for me to work with him.”

Goldberg has a big name in the WWE. Goldberg also entertained the fans with his performance in WCW. Shane Douglas also had the opportunity to work with Goldberg at WCW. This time Douglas praised Goldberg and described him as a great man. Douglas said he had a lot of fun working with Goldberg. There were … Read more

WWE benefited from Goldberg’s return and Becky Lynch’s ordeal, Raw’s ratings revealed – Sportskeeda Hindi

WWE benefited from Goldberg’s return and Becky Lynch’s incest, with Raw’s ratings revealed.Sportskeeda Hindi .

WWE suffered huge losses even after Goldberg’s humiliation and Indian-origin superstar Jinder Mahal’s victory, Raw’s ratings came to light

WWE Raw has suffered a major blow this time. Disappointment once again set in in the viewership. The Red brand’s viewership this week was just 1.582 million. It was 1.856 million last week. The red brand continues to be in bad shape. This time there was a huge decrease in viewership. WWE must have been … Read more

Veteran Goldberg insulted by WWE Raw, 45-year-old famous superstar compared to Rabid Dog

This time in WWE Crown Jewel, there will be a tremendous No Holds Bird match between veteran Goldberg and Bobby Lashley. The match was officially announced last week. Just last week, Goldberg made a comeback in the red brand. This week Bobby Lashley, now 45, made a very ugly joke about Goldberg. The biggest thing … Read more