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Five properties in a state of abandonment in Manga were visited by the Elite Corps of the Cartagena District, with the aim of notifying the owners or possessors that they have 10 days to carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks. (Read: Manga concern for abandoned and overgrown house).

The omission of said notice by those notified will cause the opening of a process for behaviors contrary to the possession and mere possession of real estate, defined in article 77 of Law 1801 or the National Police Code.

The Police Inspector, Mónica Herazo Morales, stated that: “At the request of the Community Action Board, this tour was made in order to verify a series of buildings that are in a state of abandonment, five were visited, in some there were occupants to which the information was given, under penalty of initiating the corresponding processes for behaviors contrary to the possession and mere possession of real estate and a notice was posted in a visible place, so that the owners who were not in the instead, they can find out and take the corresponding actions ”.

Called in a hardware store

During the operation, the El Tesoro de Manga hardware store, located on Fourth Avenue, was also visited for behaviors contrary to the care and integrity of the public space.

“The recommendations were given to the owner, who committed to the dispatch within a term of no more than 30 days to restore the area that is illegally occupied,” explained the inspector.

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The work articulated between citizens and authorities was supported by the director of Urban Control of Cartagena, Camilo Blanco, who urged citizens to denounce all behaviors contrary to urban integrity.

“Citizens who approach the Police Inspections to report those facts that are violating urban regulations, for example, occupation of public space, so that we can act, because with these complaints we are much more effective in our interventions ”, He concluded.

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The Environmental Public Establishment, EPA Cartagena, during the operation imposed a preventive measure of temporary suspension of activity to a house located in front of Miramar Avenue, for allowing the reception of rubble and garbage.

The Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena visited the Méndez House, where maintenance works are being carried out that must be notified, while the Technical Committee for Heritage decides on the intervention project presented by those responsible for the property, considered a property of cultural interest at the level district and national.


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