kick out the cheating government of Delhi from here-tikait said on his bengal movement- shoo Delhi’s cheating government This thing said on Mamta


Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait says that he has come with a special motive in the Bengal elections. Tell the people here to shoo the cheating government of Delhi from here. He said that he came to know that the government of Delhi is sitting in Bengal, but no one has seen him yet. She said that Mamta Banerjee is a revolutionary woman who is fighting a battle against the BJP. Tikait said that he felt that Mamata was sent to the hospital as part of the conspiracy. Tikait said that he came to know that Mamata has been pushed by the opponents. His entire sympathies are with the CM of Bengal. He is not like the people of BJP who do not speak a word of condolences on the death of three hundred farmers. He said that he will exert full power to defeat the BJP in Bengal. He will continue to come in elections to be held in 8 phases. Tikait said that he has told the people of Bengal that if someone comes to ask for votes, ask him what is the rate of my rice. What happened to the MSP? In response to a question, he said that laddus are not distributed in the fight. He said that the farmer is not falling prey to politics. His question was, who can make us a victim of politics.
Tikait said that there was no call period from the government. The farmer is agitating all over the country for his demands. He said that he would also go to those states where there are no elections. He said that he is only opposing BJP. We are not supporting any particular party, but are appealing to the public to vote only for those who can defeat the BJP.
Tikait said that big companies are running the Modi government. It is a government of merchants. Tikait said that now farmers will go to Delhi and sell their crops. The people who have made laws all sit in Parliament. On a question, he said, who can stop him from selling his crop around Parliament. The farmer leader also said that all three black laws are expected to be back by November-December. Most read.

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