‘Yaa’ actress on film set; Went viral on social media

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Mumbai: There are many actresses in Marathi cinema who have such qualities as Bold and Beauty. Actress Neha Mahajan is one of them. She has made her mark in the field of acting. Fans, however, are happy that her name has recently surfaced for a lead role in a film.

The shooting of ‘Babu’ had started a few days back. An action scene from the film was in the news. Actor Ankit Mohan’s tremendous action was seen in this scene. After that, there was a discussion on social media about which actress will play the lead role in the film. Now the name of the actress who appeared in the lead role in this film has come to the fore.

Neha Mahajan has now made an entry in the action-packed film ‘Babu’. Neha Mahajan, who has reached home from Marathi and Hindi films, will be seen in the lead role in this film. Currently, her look in the film is going viral on social media, in which she is seen wearing a red sari. Therefore, seeing Neha’s overall outfit, the curiosity of the audience about this film has increased even more. Now what is Neha’s role in the film? That is the question. The audience will soon find the answer to this question. The film is directed by Mayur Madhukar Shinde. Ruchira Jadhav will also be seen in the film along with Ankit Mohan and Neha Mahajan and this photo has gone viral.

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